The Desire to Write and a Little More About Me!

I never thought that I would have a passion for writing. Sure, in school, English was my best subject but that was because I loved to read – still do – but write? Not so much. Never did I think that I would be sitting here in my room designing and creating my very first blog and writing my very first post for the people of the blogging world to see, yet

here I am.

I’m doing it.

I’m blogging.

This doesn’t mean that I have to start wearing a fancy fedora and start reading poetry in Starbucks right?

I guess to really understand my newfound blog, you would have to understand a little bit about me and a little bit about why I even decided to google: “How to Start a Blog” (I seriously did) in the first place. For one, it was SO much easier than starting a youtube channel. Yes, yes I was seriously contemplating starting one but there would have been a couple problems with that idea, one being that I would actually have to know how to use technology. HA no. I can barely use my phone let alone know how to set up lights and figure out camera angles and other terribly confusing things. (In fact, most 6 year olds can use computers better than I can). And also, I’m not a very gifted speaker. I have this habit where my brain likes to think faster than I can talk and it all just goes downhill from there. I am however, a good thinker which helps with the whole blogging experience. I get to delete sentences and re-arrange paragraphs as much as I like muahahahaha!

Another reason why I decided to start a blog is because I’m not interested in just one topic of discussion, I like a lot of different things from music, to make up, to books, to so much more and I’d like to get the chance to share them all on one platform for you guys to read. Going hand and hand with this, it’s also very therapeutic. I get to ramble on and on about things that interest me (and that hopefully interest you too), and I’m able to share my thoughts and opinions of these things somewhere other than inside my head. It’s therapeutic whether or not anyone reads these posts at all so that’s also a plus. In addition, it’s fun, and I think everyone deserves a little bit of fun in their life. Now, before I start sounding like an infomercial, we’ll go on to some things about me and my life.

For the most part, I live a pretty normal and mundane lifestyle, apart from a few things that are slightly different than most people. I go to school like normal (college) and I work a lot and I volunteer at a children’s hospital. I have a loving boyfriend of three years and some of the best friends anyone could ask for. One of the things that may be a little different would be that I live with my parents and my grandparents and if any of you have ever lived with an old person, you know the struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandparents to death but there are some things that make you want to rip your hair out and stomp on it in the middle of the living room – but you can’t. They are old. Very old. And “how oh how” – might you ask – “do you deal with old people?” You smile and wave boys, smile and wave. Because arguing with old people is like arguing with a great big brick fence. Another thing that isn’t necessarily uncommon, but makes for an interesting family topic is that I am biracial, however, I’m the only biracial grandchild in my family. You should see our professional group picture of all the grandkids because I am the fly in the milk of our family. Which is saying a lot because I’m only half hispanic, but compared to my pale cousins, it’s a difference especially in the midst of summer, when the portrait was taken, might I add. I don’t have that picture handy but when I find it, I WILL post it because it truly is funny. I am also mother to a handsome, young and BEAUTIFUL baby boy named Chewbacca (Chewie for short). He has the most adorable fluffy tail and floppy ears and he is my warm bundle of joy. IMG_7016This is him with his adorable stuffed egg that makes crinkly sounds that he seems to love. I’ve had him for about a month now and he is truly the best and he consumes most of my  daily life and has a habit of being a huge handful for my boyfriend Jordan and I. It’s definitely good parent training for us, although, I hope our kid doesn’t come out with floppy ears and a tail. And if he does, its from his side of the family.

Other than that, I have no idea how to end blog posts (I’ll get better at this I promise) but for now, thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!






My Top 10 TV Show Picks




Alright, so I definitely have been excited to do a post about my top 10 favorite TV shows. I’m always discovering new and exciting tv shows to watch in the very little spare time that have throughout the day, and out of all the ones that I’ve watched (mostly on Netflix, but not all of them are), these are the ones that I can’t help but watch over and over and over again. My big thing is comedy: I love to laugh. I think out of all the TV shows that I have seen throughout the years, the ones that have made an overall impression on me are the ones that either make me laugh or that have incredible storylines to them. I will be honest though………. I have never seen Friends. Boooo! Yeah, I know. Boo me. I only bring it up because I know it is one of the most popular and loved TV shows out there. So, Friends unfortunately is not on my list….. yet. I know after watching it I’ll most likely fall in love with it and it will become one of my favorites, but I’m actually in the middle of a series right now, so I’ll think about starting it once I’m done watching this one. My other big thing is I like TV shows that have true comedy. No offense to these new tv shows out here like 2 broke girls, which I have tried to watch, but I really don’t know what classifies it as a “comedy” because personally, I don’t find the jokes very funny, but thats just my opinion. I know of a lot of people who find it really funny along with shows that are very similar so I guess it’s just a personal preference.



So, to start off the list of my personal favorites (which aren’t in any sort of order by the way) we are going to go with one that completely changed my life, and helped get me interested into pursuing the medical field (not as a surgeon though, no thank you).



1) Grey’s Anatomy 

So, this show has gotten a lot of hype in the last couple years, which most hyped up tv shows for me completely miss the mark but this one is amazing. This show is basically about a young group of surgical interns on their journey in becoming attendings (top dog surgeons). It’s funny, it’s so dramatic and it’s really awesome to watch, especially if you are into the medical field or if that sort of thing interests you. I will say though, for me personally that the tv show should have ended on the eleventh season when the BIG THING HAPPENS. I won’t spoil what happens, even though everyone probably already knows, but to me, I think that was the end. Season 12 and 13 have gotten so political that I feel like it’s not even about the medicine anymore and honestly, the counter arguments for why it didn’t end are ridiculous to me. Everyone loved the show because of….. you know… that. Once they take that away, of course everyone is going to become disinterested. I recommend season 1-11 but I don’t claim 12 and 13 to be anything that I personally like, in fact, I don’t even keep up with it anymore. I think I can honestly say that I’ve watched seasons 1-11 about four times now. It’s a sickness, I know.


Next up is a show that I am currently in the middle of watching and I’m still on season 3 so I don’t have a lot of information for you about it other than what I’ve seen so far and that is this show right here:



2) The Office

So, this show follows the office of Dunder Mifflin, a paper printing company, led by Michael Scott (Steve Carell) who is absolutely insane and drives the office staff crazy I. Love. This. Show. My dad actually used to watch this religiously, and I was never into it. I had tried to watch it with him but I was a bit confused because he was already in like season 5, and I didn’t get the jokes because I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters, but now that I have started watching it from the beginning, I love it. I will say though, it’s not a tv show for everyone. Its more of a slapstick/stupid kind of humor – like if you have ever seen Napoleon Dynamite or Blades of Glory – its like that and I know a couple people who would literally stare at the TV like



-but I think it’s pretty funny, and if you do start it, you have to at least get through the pilot episode because it’s a little slow.



So, for my third tv show I have only seen it all the way through once, surprisingly. I tried to watch it twice but I never really got around to it even though I love this show too and that is:




Another one that was highly hyped up, but I totally agree with the hype because this was definitely a show that left a lasting impression on me. The show follows victims of a plane crash on a deserted island, however after a couple days of being at the island, they begin to notice some weird things going on and decide to further investigate. I personally thought this show was really well made, at least for the first 7 seasons, after that things just get really crazy and confusing, but for the most part, it really is a well made show. It is a bit on the mysterious and kind of creepy side, I definitely had to watch it during the day otherwise I would have to sleep with the light on. And it’s really not that scary, I’m just a baby so there’s that. But as for the content, it is mainly a drama, there are some scenes that are VERY sad, and it’s just altogether a very well made show.



Next up, and one of my absolute favorite comedies:


4) George Lopez

Now, this may just be because I am Latina and I get all of the jokes, but this show is freaking HILARIOUS. Its about a Hispanic family and basically follows their day to day lives and its just a regular family based comedy. It’s just really funny, I used to watch it on cable, so I’m not even sure that I have seen every single episode, but from all the episodes I have seen (which is a lot) I think it’s one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever seen. As for the details, I really can’t tell you a lot, because most of it is random and other content are spoilers, so I’ll let you decide whether or not you want to watch this show.



This next one is definitely a classic, and it is:


5) Full House

Now, this show I know that I have seen every single episode because I own almost all 8 seasons, I think I am missing seven and three… and I am determined to get them if I still can, but this is a show that I used to watch from the time I was really little. I grew up on this show. This show is another one of those family sitcoms where it just follows the lives of the entire family. The storyline goes, the mom of the three girls (DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle) and the wife of their dad (Danny) has passed away shortly after the youngest, Michelle’s, birth. Therefore, Danny’s close friend Joey and his brother in law Jessie decide to move in to help him raise the three girls. It is very funny, classic comedy and overall it’s a family values show as well. If you are going to compare it to Fuller House, don’t. Personally, I don’t like fuller house, I don’t think its very good and it doesn’t do the originals any justice, so the originals are definitely a must see and I honestly don’t recommend Fuller House, but again, thats just me.



This next one I actually discovered about a year ago, and I actually haven’t even finished it because I was waiting forever for the third season to come out, but it’s the lovely:



6) Reign

So, normally, I do not like shows that are on the CW. Personally, I just can’t get past the acting. I’ve tried some of them, like The 100 and Vampire Diaries, but its just cheesy to me and if the actors don’t have it, I can’t even bring myself to watch it. Thats why I was really dreading watching this with my mom but from the start I was completely hooked. So the story goes, and actually based on true people, Queen Mary of Scotts goes to France to meet her betrothed, Francis. While there, there are multiple romance dramas, power struggles, and death threats directed towards Mary and the whole story follows what happens while she is there at the kingdom and follows some of the risky choices she is forced to make. It’s a classic medieval show, and personally I love medieval shows but normally these kinds of shows contain a lot of sex, and I think its totally unnecessary to excessively throw that into a tv show. Like to insinuate it is different, because we get it, but I don’t need to see 15 different girl’s boobs and 12 guy’s butts just to further prove what we already know is going on. So this one is mostly sex free, which personally makes it more enjoyable and I recommend this to anyone who is kinda on the same page as I am with that.



Okay, so the next one is definitely an O.G. tv show, like this show was popular when my parents were young, so a lot of kids my age don’t know what this show is or even what its about and that is:



7) Three’s Company

If there was any show that I would watch over and over and over again all throughout my childhood, it was three’s company. I watched this from the time I was 3 or 4, before I even got any of the jokes or knew anything about what was going on. Most kids would be into cartoons, but I was more interested in watching this on repeat. I don’t actually know why I was so hooked on this show, now that I am older, I totally get the jokes and understand why it’s so hilarious, but as a child not even understanding anything, I was still obsessed with this show. It was to the point where, when the main character Jack Tripper (John Ritter) passed away, my parents waited to tell me because they knew that I would be really upset, and I cried for hours after I found out. This is another sitcom where it follows three roommates and their crazy adventures and quirky personalities, and it’s such a classic and I really can’t recommend this enough.



Next up we have a really funny and unlike any other tv show on Netflix and after watching the first couple episodes, I have fallen in love with it because it is hilarious and it is called:



8) Last Man Standing

Okay, so this tv show, no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, is damn funny. It’s about this very conservative man, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) who helps run a outdoors store called Outdoor Man, obviously modeled after Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas, and it’s about his family and their struggles and values living in a world that is very liberally overpowering. Now, its not a show that completely bashes the other side of the spectrum, what makes it funny is that his eldest daughter, Kristen and her boyfriend are both very liberal, therefore, they go back and forth bantering about political issues and it’s hilarious. However, it was recently pulled because it has a very conservative viewpoint, and whoever pulled it disagreed with Tim Allen’s political views although they tried to say there was another reason, but we all know the truth. Personally, I think that it’s B.S. that they pulled this show for political reasons. I watch a lot of other shows that are bold and very liberally structured and I haven’t seen anyone try and get them cancelled for being too liberal, therefore I think that its violating the first amendment, however they had the power to cancel it and they did. They got a lot of backlash for it though, from both conservatives and liberals, but it can still be found on Netflix if you want to check it out! I highly recommend this one, because it’s really really funny.



This one is another one of those classic TV shows that I grew up watching and that I have memories of me sitting in front of the TV and drawing while watching this show and it’s:



9) The Nanny

“Oh Mistah Sheefffielllddd!!”

Obviously another classic, involving three kids and their single wealthy father who decides to hire a nanny, Fran, to help him raise and take care of the kids. This show is overall super funny but I think what makes it is the butler, Niles. By far, he steals the show with his snide and sarcastic comments as well as his bantering back and forth with CiCi, Mr. Sheffield’s business partner I think? I think she is a business partner of some sort… but altogether its a great show and its very comical.


And last but definitely not least is…



10) Home Improvement

Like most all the others I talked about, this one is a TV show that I used to watch from the time I was little and I would watch this a lot with my dad. It’s very similar to The Nanny and Full House because of the set up and the feel of the show. Its basically about a family and the dad (Tim Allen) is really into tools, in fact, he has his own TV show called Tool Time where he talks about tools and building stuff. Can you tell I love Tim Allen? Again, just one of those great sitcoms and overall its lighthearted and super funny as well, it actually reminds me of Last Man Standing a little bit too, which is his other TV show that I mentioned before.


So, those were my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time (so far), and I am planning on adding Friends to the list after I finish the office because I have a feeling I will fall in love with that one as well. So thank you guys for reading up on them, and I hope I can get you guys to watch them and love them just as much as I do!


P.S. I’m so excited for Halloween!


Xo, Emjayy







Nail Polish of the Week

This nail polish of the week post, like the song of the week post, is going to be dedicated to breast cancer awareness month. My grandmother was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and with the right treatment plan, she now is a proud survivor although she lost a couple things along the way. This is not something that should be taken lightly, and many suffer from this horrible form of cancer.





(Excuse the bubbles and the awful application on my ring finger)


This week I am wearing KL Polish’s newest shade, Mami Martha to support breast cancer awareness month, and the great thing about this particular nail polish is that 100% of the proceeds get donated to breast cancer research, which is an amazing cause! This offer, however only lasts until October 31st, I believe, so get them while they are still available!

Mami Martha is a baby pink creme shade, and it goes on like a dream! I have found on my nails that it starts to slightly chip day 3 or 4, but if you put another layer of clear coat, it should be good to last up to 7 days!


Click here to check out Miami Martha by KL Polish!


xo, Emjayy



Song of the Week

So, this week’s song of the week happens to be one that I am dedicating to Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you, or a loved one have suffered from Breast Cancer, you know how awful of a situation it can really be. You hear the word in school and you see it advertised all over, but you never truly understand what its like until you see someone go through it that you love, or you go through it yourself. My grandma is a proud survivor, but unfortunately she lost a couple things along the way. So this week the song that I have for you all is

the one

the only



Martina McBride

Song: In My Daughter’s Eyes

Album: Martina

Technically, this isn’t a song about breast cancer but it is a song about mothers and daughters and I know from those who have suffered, all haven’t been mothers, but I do know that everyone who has been diagnosed is a daughter to someone. This goes out to everyone, even those who aren’t mothers and even those who are men suffering from this as well. You are all in our hearts!






love always


xo, Emjayy

Family Fails pt. 2

So today was relatively uneventful. I woke up, went to school, had lunch with my best friend at this really great salad place and then had to meet my boyfriend Jordan at his house and take him to get new tires on his truck. At least, thats what I would have done if my stupid car didn’t break down. I have a really old truck, and I love that thing, wouldn’t trade it for the world, but sometimes it gives me issues. Like, when I drive it too much it gets overheated and it says  “I’m tired, give me a 30 minute nap and then try me again.” And after that 30 minutes, it starts right up again no problem however it always gives me issues at the most inconvenient times like today when it wouldn’t start so I was forced to stay at his parents house. If you read my previous family fails blog, you’re probably reading this cringing just as hard as I was when I figured out my car WOULDN’T START. I swear, I tried it a couple times, smacked it, tried it again, cursed at it, tried it again and then painfully decided to give up all the while the door to his house was creeping open and his mother was standing in the doorframe like:




I was SOL.


I picked my things up and headed inside (thank God Jordan was home because I would have lost my marbles if he wasn’t ) and we had to wait a while before we tried the truck again.

Now we are going to pause a minute for a small side note. His mother has a dog. Most people reading this would be like “Uh, yeah so?” And I would agree, however this isn’t just any dog. This is a small, yappy, 4 inch, spoiled, ugly little brat of a dog. And his name is Tim. (WHO names a dog Tim???) Anyways, Tim and his mother have a very VERY strange relationship. And by strange, I mean this dog cannot, will not be left alone ever. Nor is he even allowed to walk. He must be in her arms at all. times. And this seems like it’s slightly  normal but wait, there’s more…. She talks to this thing. talks. And, I get it, I have a bunny and I talk to him all the time, full sentences and everything but the difference here, people, is that I logically understand the rabbit cannot actually understand me. As an animal lover myself, thats just what you do. You talk to your animals but no- this lady literally believes this dog understands what she is saying.

So, Tim came over when I got inside and started nipping, no biting at my ankles when I am walking. So I turn around and



Just kidding, no I didn’t do that but I’m not going to promise it didn’t cross my mind at least once. So, I turn around and push his nose to the ground and firmly say “No.” because he’s a dog.

But no


She flies around the corner like a bat out of hell and goes “NO YOU HAVE TO SPEAK TO HIM AND TELL HIM WHAT HE DID WRONG, NOT RESORT TO VIOLENCE.”





You wanna see violence?




So she grabs the dog and makes it face her and says – “Tim. You cannot behave in this fashion. Biting hurts people. I know that you didn’t mean to hurt people, but you have. You need to stop this and think about what you are doing. When people walk through the door you need to remember this rule: All Fours On The Floor. Okay?”

All Fours on the Floor.

All Fours On The Floor.


*Puts dog down*

*Dog runs away*

“So…… is that it?” I ask

“Well,” she goes on to say, “He’s a very good listener so lets just hope our little heart to heart resolved the situation.”

I’m over here like:



So, she puts the dog down again (shockingly it was on the floor when I came in) and the dog just goes about its business. Checking my clock we have a couple of minutes before we can go start the truck again and so I sit down on the kitchen table. I’m the perfect picture of “I DONT WANNA BE HERE” at this point. My hair’s a mess, I’m rubbing my temples, exhausted, and then I hear the door open. And all of a sudden satan walks through the doors. (Satan is another word for his older sister. She hates my guts, don’t know why, but it has always been apparent. I used to say Hi to her and try and ask her about her day – but after about the millionth glare and about the thousandth cuss word back, I’ve decided to pretend like she doesn’t exist). So she walks in, says hi to EVERYONE except me and goes about stuffing her face with tacos. Stuffing her face with food is a normal occasion for her although how anyone can still be in a really bad mood while eating tacos? I’ll never know. So it’s about that time and I’m not taking any chances so I call Jordan into the room to try it again and so we get up, open the door and all of a sudden…. without warning…. Tim slips through my legs and sprints. out. the damn. door.





Then in the distance we hear a shriek, no not a shriek, a sound I have never heard anyone make before comes out of his mother’s mouth. And at this moment I knew. They are going to KILL ME.

She runs outside, bursts through the doors, drops to her knees and shouts to the heavens, ” – ” I actually don’t feel comfortable repeating what she shouted to the heavens so we are just going to go with she shouted things – and we burst through the door after her.

So two things that I notice….

  1. She is having a literal mental breakdown, tears and all
  2. At this point she is on the actual ground with all hope lost
  3. Tim is laying in the grass two doors down.



Talk about a dramatic exit…

So we have to chase Tim in circles because he doesn’t want to go back inside, finally we are able to coax him to run back towards the yard he came from (I would say our yard but I don’t claim anything that comes out of that house except for my boyfriend), and she gets up and it was like a scene out of some amazing Spielberg movie.

She’s waving her arms shouting “Come home boy, come home. Come to me my baby, come home where you belong.” Tears rolling down the face, the embrace of her and the dog, it’s all so very sweet.

I get my things, start up the truck we drive into the sunset and then I look into Jordan’s eyes and exclaim: “This was the worst 15 minutes of my life.”


Happily Ever After





Goodnight all


Xo, Emjayy





Song of the Week

Hey guys! I know that I have been totally slacking on the song of the week post and some of you may be like “What song of the week…?” Yeah, it’s been a hot minute. I am technically supposed to be posting every single week, so we are going to try this again. This week, to celebrate Halloween I thought that it was only fitting to be able to share with you guys a song that fits with the season so this week’s song is going to be

the one…

the only…



Melanie Martinez




It actually was going to be a different song this week, however I found myself listening to doll house way more than the song I was going to choose, so I thought it was only fitting to have my song of the week to be the one that I was overly obscessed with. If any of you know who Melanie Martinez is, you know that she is a little bit on the creepier side as far as her songs go and she actually reminds me of an artist that I used to listen to back in middle school named Kerli. If any of you know who Kerli is, you’re the real OG’s. One of the reasons why I love this song so much is because I grew up with dance being a small part of my life, and I always feel like this would be such an amazing song to be able to choreograph, there’s a lot that you can do with it. It’s very catchy, it’s creepy and it’s just really cool in my opinion.


Stay tuned for the next Song of the week next Wednesday!


Check out the song by pressing THIS LINK


xo, Emjayy

Nightly Face Cleansing Routine – How I Get Unready!

Hey guys! So today we are going to be going over some of the facial cleansers and make up removers that I use on a daily basis to wash my face and take off my makeup. As you all may know, I have very sensitive skin, so the products that I use are completely safe and do not burn my skin at all. Also, none of the products I have, have large amounts of Salicylic Acid in them or just don’t have that substance at all because this tends to be the reason some face washes burn the heck out of my skin. I have gone through a lot of facial cleansers in the past and have disliked a lot of them as well, especially products that contain this substance and other harsh chemicals.I’ll write up a post about some of the products that I’ve bought and did not like because of one reason or another if you guys are interested. Normally for me, I can’t use a lot of products that I know all of my friends use because of my sensitive skin, therefore I have a lot of products that are either prescribed to me, or are from brands that I know are safe for me to use.


So without further adieu, I’ll get into my step by step process of taking off my make up and washing my face!


So the first thing that I do, is take off my contacts. Now, I know that this technically isn’t necessary to throw into this post, but if you do wear contacts, I would highly recommend taking them off before you start the face washing process because I have found that keeping my contacts in, causes them to get make up remover and soap all in them and it makes them super dirty.


1. Taking off my face make up and eye shadow

So, I have two different methods of taking off my face make up and eye shadow, Note: this is not how I take off any mascara, just the eyeshadow, but I will either use make up wipes or an oil that takes off my face make up

We’ll start with the make up wipes:




Normally, I’ll just use these Neutrogena make up wipes to wipe off both my face make up and my eyeshadow. I like these because they get the job done like most face wipes, but these are easier on my skin and don’t leave my face feeling rubbery. They do, however leave a bit of a film on my face which I know a lot of people don’t like, but honestly, I wash my face after anyways, so I don’t really mind. I would recommend washing your face with soap even if you do use wipes or oils to take off your make up anyways, because it just ensures that there isn’t any grime left on your face from the oil, wipe or left over make up. (the reason it says refill pack is because I actually bought the container that you can put these in, so you just buy refills to put in the container).


Another method I like to use (and this is normally when I have a lot of make up on) is my face oil cleanser, (I actually didn’t take a picture of this and currently don’t have it at my disposal, so here is a google image of it):




This is the Clinique Take the Day off Balm and it’s basically a solid substance that melts once it hits your face and you massage it into your skin like a lotion and it quite literally strips the make up off of your face very easy. I love this stuff and I use it all the time, especially in the winter time. It’s a bit pricey, it’s $30 per container, but it has lasted me such a long time and it works amazingly. Usually, I’ll take it off by running a wash cloth through warm water and then press it on to my face and clean off the balm. Then I’ll wash my face like normal. Even though it says you can, I still don’t use this to take off my mascara. You can if you want, however I have gotten it in my eyes on accident and it’s quite a mess to clean up around the eye area, therefore I have another product for my mascara.


2. Taking off my mascara

When I put on mascara, I tend to really put on mascara. I don’t layer it until it looks clumpy but I do put a lot on. I layer it until my lashes look full but not lumpy and not too much. The point I’m trying to make is, usually I have a couple layers of mascara over my lashes and my holy grail mascara remover is actually by Mary Kay:




So my bottle is almost completely empty, I need a new one, but oh my gosh this stuff works. It works amazingly. I use this by first shaking it up, and then squeezing it onto a cotton ball and applying it to my eyelashes while my eyes are closed. Of course, this causes all of the melted mascara to collect on the bottom of my eyes. So, you can take either another cotton ball or a Q tip (I use a Q tip) and I put the product on the Q tip and then run that on the bottoms of your eyes and then taking another Q tip, run it along your lashes one more time – you’ll be surprised as to how much more mascara comes off, and then you are good!


3. Products I use to wash my face

So, the first one is actually a product that I use simply because I have trial and error’d a couple of different washes in the drug store and found one that actually works and that my skin loves. One of my all time favorite brands to use is Johnson + Johnson. Mainly because they make a lot of baby products and skin washing/soaps for baby skin, therefore none of their ingredients are usually harsh. So, when I see a product that has Johnson and Johnson as the brand or as an affiliate brand, normally I know its okay to use for my skin. There is a counter argument however that products made for baby skin arent good for adults to use because it doesnt provide the right nutrients for the skin that lotions for older skin provide. However, my skin is just fine AND it does better with the baby lotion and soaps in my opinion.

So, this soap actually is for older skin, and it’s actually by Clean and Clear, however it has Johnson + Johnson as an affiliate so I decided to try it out and I actually really love this!



So, a couple things that I was nervous about when I first bought this product…

1) Deep cleaning. For my skin, deep cleaning means trouble, and every product that I have ever used that had the claim “Deep Cleaning” has made my face feel so dry and sunburned.

2) Oil Free. Now, I have normal skin but it has a tendancy to be very dry so the words Oil Free to me usually mean “drying.” And drying usually makes my face very very upset at me…


the fact that it’s a Johnson + Johnson product made me completely disregard those two words. And in all honesty, I’m glad I did. This product works great for me and it does not dry out my skin like other products I’ve used. I fell into the suckerish “It says its for sensitive skin, so that means it wont burn my skin right?” With other products and all I can say is No. Wrong. Negatory. Just because it says it’s for sensitive skin doesn’t always mean it will work. I also have one for the mornings but it doesn’t have bursting beads in it like a lot of the other morning face washes in this brand do.

The other product that I use when I wash my face during the day is this baby wash from Johnson + Johnson. (Surprise surprise)



As you can see, mine’s almost out, but like I said, I normally only use this for if I have to wash my face during the day. I have the night time wash as well as the morning wash but  I like to have something else to wash my face that’s not specifically for mornings or nights.  And again, it’s  technically only supposed to be for babies and baby skin however I find that it cleans my face well and it does not burn at all.


4. Products I use to moisturize my face 


All right so the last thing that I am very big on when it comes to my face washing routine is lotion and moisturizer. I LOVE lotion and moisturizer. I’m definitely that person who always has lotion in their purse/backpack and I always have two different kinds: baby lotion and perfumey lotion (like bath and body works mainly).

So I use two different lotions/ moisturizers and one topical cream. The first lotion I actually don’t use anymore, however I still have it around for anytime my hands, feet, elbows or knees feel super dry and it’s just a basic Johnson + Johnson baby lotion:



I love this lotion so much, it just smells like baby powder and it’s honestly so awesome, it’s non greasy and it goes very nicely on the skin. However, the reason I have another lotion is because this lotion doesn’t exactly feel like it overly moisturizes because its thinner and it soaks into the skin pretty fast so the other lotion I use is this one:



This is the Nature Well extra virgin coconut oil moisturizing cream. This is actually pretty funny because the only reason I decided to even pick this up was one: because it’s coconut oil and this was back when the whole country it seemed like was on the “coconut oil” fad, mainly for diets, but people would rave about how good it is for your skin. I know it has a lot of benefits for skin, however, I have learned from school and research of my own it really isn’t all that great for your diet, but I know of some of the skin benefits of using it as a lotion or oil. And two: is because of the brand. The brand is nature well, and I actually used to take supplements by this brand, they were little yellow heart shaped vitamins and I used to love them as a kid. So I guess the nostalgia was the thing that really made me purchase it and I can’t rave enough about this product. It’s very very hydrating, so if you have oily skin I might stay away from this product as well, but I love it. It’s thick, but it’s not super oily and it does not leave the skin feeling greasy in any way. It absorbs in the skin pretty fast and it leaves your skin with a soft touch, not a greasy touch or oily touch. It also smells amazing, so that’s a plus. I think you can order these online, otherwise I get mine at Sam’s Club, and it’s one of those stores where you need a membership to get in, so if you don’t have a Sam’s membership, then you can google it and buy it off of one of those sites.

So, the topical serum I use for my face is actually one that was prescribed to me, therefore I don’t think you can walk into a store and just get it off of the shelf, it’s something you actually have to go to the doctor and have them write you a prescription for. It’s called Adapalene gel and it looks like this:



I actually got this back when I was having a terrible acne problem and I was trying different medications and topical ointments and actually this was given to me when I was put on the permanent medication that I am on right now and I actually found this to help my face out a lot. My dermatologist actually had told me once that he believes that this medicine should be used by everyone, not just those with acne prone skin and actually he even uses it as well because he says its very good for your skin. The only thing I will say about this though is that I cannot use this every day. I only use this about two to three times a week because it will absolutely dry out my skin, which is why when I first used this I hated it. I went back and said it was awful and then he had suggested mixing it with my lotion so I tried that and it completely helped and it doesn’t burn my skin at all. However, there is a limit in which my skin can take with this medicine. It definitely burns my skin if I were to use it every single day without fail, so I only use it a couple times a week and it has worked wonders for me and has evened out my complexion.


Alright you guys, so thats my nightly face washing routine, please let me know if you would like to see a products I didn’t like post and I will definitely get on that! Thanks guys!


xo, Emjayy

Nail Polish of the Week

So, for this week’s nail polish picks, I have two that I recently reviewed for my post “October Nail Polish Picks” and I decided to mix it up a bit and add an accent nail.


IMG_7336.JPGThe white bottle is OPI’s “Alpine Snow” and the orange accent nail is OPI’s “It’s a piazza cake.” The orange was amazing and opaque in one coat even though I decided to do two coats. The white was just a little bit difficult for me to work with, and went on a little messy, it wasnt as creamy as the orange but I made do with 2 coats and it covered the mistakes fine in the second coat. I do, however, have some bubbles on a couple of my nails after putting on the top coat and I feel that may have something to do with how humid it is outside and in my house. Hopefully this lasts 4-6 days like my KL polish does with minimal touch ups but I really like the color sequence, especially for the holidays!


xo, Emjayy